If you’re a New or Dedicated Yogi who'd like to fully harness the power of the next 6 or 12 months, this Ultimate Virtual Yoga Course Experience is for you to Deepen your Practice and Bring Yoga & Well-being into your Life in a Real and Authentic Way. Wanna go deeper and work with me live 1-on-1?

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Does this feel like you....

...you've been humming and hawing about starting Yoga or getting back into a Yoga practice again for a while now...

...you've gone to some great classes, or on some transformational retreats or teacher trainings in the past, and haven't quite been able to sustainably keep the "Yoga Glow" feeling alive...

...you know in your bones that it's time for you to experience some big shifts and changes in your inner and outer world...

Imagine what it would feel like to....

...Carve out just 5 or 10 minutes of precious me-time every day to create more inner and outer spaciousness, joy and balance.

...Wake up every day feeling excited, more energized, aware, and empowered to up-level your everyday life..

...Feel aligned, on-purpose, in-service, interconnected, compassionate towards yourself and others, confident, growing emotional mastery, spiritual connection...

 If you're ready to:

Bring in the timeless wisdom

of Yoga into your Life

Start DOing Yoga rather than just thinking about it

Experience more Flow

Align to your Purpose

Deepen your Practice

Feel Confident & Connected

On & Off the Mat

then it's time....

Join me for Deepen your Practice Foundations of Flow Course Bundle

- a simple, easy-to-follow and potentially life-changing deep-dive journey into the Art of Body, Mind, Soul Maintenance

Begin to integrate Yoga into your everyday life in a meaningful way from the so that you can master your mind, your heart and your body.

This simple and easy-to-follow Foundations of Flow Course Bundle Curriculum, will educate, support and inspire your Yoga practice with practical knowledge of the ABCs of Yoga, including practices, lifestyle and philosophy related to alignment, breath, mantra & the deeper more subtle layers of consciousness.

This evolutionary journey of education, inspiration, motivation will support you to learn, deepen and Integrate Yoga on and off the mat into your Body, Mind & Heart so you can feel more Energised, Aligned and in-Flow.

Francie’s teachings and programs have been called “mind-blowing”, “life-changing” and "transformational".

So what are you waiting for?

If you're ready to bring about real and lasting transformation in your life, then let's do this.

Foundations of Flow Virtual Course Bundle

will help you to Learn, Grow and Evolve

Get ready to feel more strength, balance, flexibility and flow in your inner and outer world, body, mind, and heart!

Feel supported, inspired and empowered to gain the confidence, knowledge and wisdom to create and sustain a Flow practice.

This signature experience is my unique Flow Method, tried, tested and true, created specifically for You—to de-mystify the lifestyle, philosphies and practices of the East and West, including Yoga & Psychology, and give you all the tips, guidance and recommendation you need to start a successful Yoga or Flow practice. 

After participating in our Yoga courses, students report feeling

"inspired and energised", "forever-changed", "incredibly grateful" "joyful" "seen, heard and expressed" "shockingly surprised" "deeply touched" "moved" "grounded and connected:" "less stressed", "more clear", "light and playful", "more balanced", "calm", "grateful", "refreshed", "connected" and "aligned", to name just a few...and you can too!

Within this Deepen your Practice Experience, you'll

  • Learn How to Begin a practice of Yoga, meditation, pranayama and chanting that you'll LOVE
  • Master the Foundations of Flow Alignment Principles so you can safely practice 30+ Poses
  • Understand Yoga as a Lifestyle, Philosophical system and a Wellness Practice that can enhance your physical, mental and spiritual health to help combat feelings of stress and up-level feelings of joy
  • Improve your strength, flexibility and the sense of well-being.
  • Improve body, breath and emotional awareness, through learning simple yet powerful Meditation and Mindfulness techniques
  • Empower yourself to activate relaxation, flexibility, balance and strength within yourself
  • Cultivate Svadyaya -Self-Awareness through Contemplation, Journaling and deep explorations and
  • Integrate Yoga Practice and Philosophy into your everyday life
  • Receive support and feel connected to a Community of like-minded souls

Supporting all-levels and Yoga "newbies" of all shapes and sizes to build confidence and flow with Yoga is my Speciality.

As a Senior Yoga teacher, my experience teaching beginners, training new teachers, and running an award-winning retreat company over the past 12+ years has helped me get crystal clear on how to help a wide variety of people from all walks of life.

Over 80% of my students from the over 200 + week-long retreats, considered themselves beginners. As a result of teaching 1000s of new Yogis I've been able to create a Flow Formula that will turn any skeptic into a Yoga LOVER.

I'm 100% sure I can help you too!

You can read raving student reviews here.

Maybe you have some reservations about You +Yoga. That's totally normal....

When you’re new-ish to Yoga, it can feel intimidating and difficult to know how to get started. Most people who feel like beginners, or are in their first few years of practice, tend to have some of the following thoughts.....

"Isn't this all a bunch of Woo-woo?"

Crystals, chakras and gratitude and intuition...oh my!...

I get it. I thougth that too when I started. Skeptical but curious I was. My curiosity thankfully got the better of me and here's what I (and millions of others) have found. Yoga can actually be life-changing and life-enhancing. Especially if you find a guide you truly resonate with. It is far beyond just a simple form of exercise, stretching, breathing and strengthening. Not only do you get the balance, strength and flexibility benefits of the physical practice, but you get those same benefits on an inner level. Concentration improves, stress releases, emotional and spiritual connection expand. The benefits can be truly endless....

"Am I doing it right?!" 

This is such a common anxiety, one that most of my students experience, even those who have been practicing years. Finding the right teacher and learning the correct principles of alignment will YOU get each pose right so that you can fully feel the FLOW and all the benefits that go with.

Maybe you've thought...

"Yoga isn't for me"

Possible. Have you truly experienced Yoga as it's meant to be practiced? Give yourself a chance to make an informed decision - let me guide you on a positive path of discovery.

Perhaps, you've thought...

"I’m not flexible enough to do Yoga"

Flexibility is as much of a state of mind as it is about the bendy-ness of one's body. Very few people are flexible when they begin Yoga. Rather, flexibility - mind, body, heart - is a beneficial side effect of a dedicated practice. If gaining flexibility is one of your goals, then Yoga is the practice that will get you into those lickety-splits!

Know that in all your thoughts, whether it's - I’m “bad” at Yoga or I’m not (balanced, strong, disciplined, insert- another self-deprecating excuse here)



Like everything else in life, you've gotta start somewhere, and this course really is the perfect place to start. The first principle of Yogic teachings is to start now, knowing that where you are NOW is the perfect place to begin.  

It can be truly daunting to try anything new and it can be intimidating going to a Yoga class for the first time, so congrats on taking the first step on this amazing journey of self-discovery.

Hi, I’m Francie,

I’m a celebrated and experienced E-RYT Senior Yoga teacher, Certified Educator and the founder of the award-winning Pure Flow Yoga School.

I've curated, organised and led more than 200 transformational Yoga retreats, teacher trainings, workshops and programs with over 1,000 students from all walks of life.

As a devoted practitioner and life-long student, I have studied thousands of hours with master spiritual teachers worldwide.

I thrive when I'm in service and on-purpose, empowering people just like you to live joyful, balanced, and fulfilled lives. 

I believe in open-ended fun, meaningful curiosity, and play-based learning that meets each individual student where they're at.  

I am on a mission to uplift, educate, inspire and empower YOU to live an embodied, joyful, connected, purposeful, passionate, playful, fulfilled and awakened life in-service, on-purpose, and in-flow.

I am known for my enthusiasm, joy, connectivity, and dedication to excellence and helping to uplift inspire and empower people to live embodied, joyful, aligned, connected, playful, and awakened lives.

E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance | Post-Grad Dip. Education, Queensland University of Technology | BA Psychology / Philosophy, McGill University

You can learn more about me here.

Is this for You?

This experience may not be for everyone. It's really only for those of you who are ready to finally stop thinking about doing Yoga, and get on with actually bringing Yoga into your life in a more real way. This is for you if:

  • You want to feel confident and like you're getting the yoga poses and techniques "right"
  • New to Yoga - looking to gain solid foundational understand of Yoga and it’s practices
  • Intermediate practitioners - You've been practicing a while and are looking to deepen the foundations of your home practice and gain practical knowledge
  •  Beginning Yoga teachers - looking to refine and build confidence in your teaching skills

Sound like You?

Join now!

What our Students are Saying...

"The most advanced and fulfilling Yoga I’ve ever done”

– Dave, USA

"One of the most amazing experience ever...I took away so much more than I could of imagined".

- Caroline H

"My expectations were blown out of the water. I am not overly spiritual or that experience in Yoga but I came with with an open mind and to say that I was not disappointed would be a catastrophic understatement".

- Charlie W. 

“I still find your practices the most enjoyable and fulfilling; you have really helped me discover the joys and benefits of yoga, across all dimensions. It’s become an intrinsic part of my life, and something I am thankful for every day”

– Omar, UK

“Francie is an amazing person, inspiring angel, a gift from heaven to this earth to show you how much power you have on you! The retreats that she’s running are life changing!! It is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self, and you’ll be lucky to have the best guide throughout this journey”.

– Begum, Turkey

"Francie having you as one of my first official yoga teachers has been an honor. You truly inspire me so much, the energy you set out into the world is contagious and it’s been both a privilege and a blessing having crossed paths with you. You’ll forever be one of those people on my list of people that has had a profound influence on my life. You have so much love and light within you and are so extremely passionate about life and yoga. Thank you for shining wherever you go and always finding a way to bring that extra sparkle to your environment. Your teachings will always have an impact on my practices throughout life, as your teachers have impacted you. Thank you for all the love, knowledge and support. 🌻❤️-

– Kylie Davies


How it Works:

When you invest in the Deepen your Practice Experience, you instantly get 12-Months access to:

Foundations of Flow: Yoga 101 Course Bundle:

to help you Integrate & Deepen your Knowledge and Practice of Yoga

3-Day Virtual Yoga Retreat - Reset & Re-Balance

Take some time out for some time in. Reset, find your center and feel more energised and alive.

Valued at $197

Alignment of Vinyasa Practice De-Mystified

Learn practical alignment principles of over 30 + poses to help you find optimal prana (energy) flow within your own body

Valued at $197

Lighten Up! Learn to Meditate

10 Simple techniques to Get you Started - Valued at $197

Sacred Sounds: Heal with Mantra & Activate your Voice

Mantra & Vocal Awakening to Release Limiting Beliefs, Clear Blocks and Open your Creative channel - Valued at $297

Finding Flow: 10-Day Home Practice Challenge

10-Day Challenge to Create & Integrate a Home Practice Ritual You’ll Love AND Stick to!
Valued at $297

Integrating Bliss

Bring the Magic of yoga into your everyday life with this 10-day journey designed to help you integrate the path of practice into your daily life in a simple and sustainable way!


plus....you get Personal Connection, Support, Feedback & Accountability

Ask Anything: Q & A

Connect personally with Francie through interactive and personal chat and ask any question you have about Yoga, Life and everything in between.

Access our Exclusive Flow Community

Connect with like-minded Yogis to get all your Yoga questions answered. Ask any and all questions about Yoga and beyond (no such thing as a stupid question!)

Instant Access to our Love & Inspiration Project

Receive curated resources and digital Yoga magic, from music to meditations, to keep you inspired to integrate yoga into your daily life - Valued at $500


...Not to mention a heap of Integration

Step-by-Step Practices to Help you Understand, Connect to, and Deepen your Practice

🙏Meditations to Ground, Center, Balance and Energise, to help you unwind the mind, de-stress and cultivate more inner kindness and compassion

🧘‍♀️High Quality Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes Infusions to help you open your body, release tension and build energy and strength to keep you inspired, strong, balanced and free

📚 Self-Study -Off the Mat Workbook - 40 + Journal prompts for Self-Study, Self-Love + Self Inquiry, to help you feel more balanced, peaceful and connected

PLUS! You get a whole Bunch of Awesome Extras! Including:

 +Ultimate Guide for Beginners E-Book & 5-Part Video Practice Series

🕯 Altared Space: How to create a Daily Ritual and Sacred Space for Practice

 🙏Fillable Gratitude Workbook

 ✅ Customisable Morning Ritual Checklis

 🎶 Music Playlists - Hours & Hours of Yoga Music Playlists to keeping you Flowing!

ALL for Only $500 USD

Deepen your Practice

Foundations of Flow Course Bundle

Ready to feel more Confident & Empowered in your Yoga Practice

On & Off the Mat?

Join me today to Learn the Foundations of Flow and get started with these LIFE-CHANGING practices to decrease Stress and up-level Joy, Peace, Ease & Flow!

Wanna go deeper and receive 1-on-1 support from me? Check out my Embody Flow Coaching & Mentorship.


Frequently Asked Questions

I've been practicing Yoga for a few years, but I still feel like a beginner. Is this a good course for me?

Of course! There's always more to learn and deeper to go with this 5000+ year old tradition of Yoga. We welcome all students who come with "beginner's mind" - this means that you come with an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions, even when you feel a little more advanced level, just as a beginner would. They say repetition is the mother of all teachers, and perfect practice make perfect. Getting highly individualised teaching, guidance and coaching from a senior teacher, will only help deeper your understanding of Yoga and yourself, no matter where you're at on your journey.

I've signed up.What's next?

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Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

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