Finding Flow Mentorship

100-Hour YACEP Certification

You’re invited to join me on a Mystical Adventure of our signature 100-hour Flow Essentials Curriculum of Embodied Wisdom, Inspired Practice and Practical Knowledge to help you Align to your Purpose, Balance your Being, and Up-Level your Life to feel more Embodied, Expressed, Connected and Free.

  • Deepen your Experience and Education with Yogic philosophy
  • Feel Supported and accountable on your Individual Journey of Awakening
  • Connect with your True Nature and question the Truth of Reality
  • Align to your Dharma, your Sacred Purpose, and your Spiritual Practice 
  • Explore a fascinating and inspiring range of Yogic concepts and 
  • Develop more awareness to help identify and release mantras, blocks & stories that aren’t Serving You
  • Find your Voice, Awaken your Song & Free you Expression
  • Connect with a Global Community of Like-Minded Souls