Welcome to Finding Flow: 10 Day Home Practice Challenge

Why have a daily practice?

Yoga is a living tradition and a spiritual path of practice that invites us to have a direct and intimate experience with who we are

Having a daily practice of Yoga and meditation helps to focus your heart and mind on your intentions, your well-being, your awareness and growth.

Having a daily practice, helps us to:

  • Tune in to ourselves, our bodies, heart and mind, and connect with how are are feeling and what's present for us
  • Connect to the moment, to more inner peace & compassion
  • Find more self-love and confidence
  • Lighten up - Purification, Letting Go & Illumination
  • Awaken to our highest selves
  • Ground in to more clarity and purpose
  • Feel centred, relaxed, balanced, stress-free, fulfilling life.

Yoga is a way of life - It's a philosophy as well as a physical and spiritual practice - that benefit mind, body and spirit.

Cultivating a disciplined practice will serve you in a deeply positive way for the rest of your life.

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