Ready to Up-Level your Teaching Skills & Yoga Career?

Welcome to our luminous YACEP Certified Journey of Inspired Practice, Deepening Connection & Supported Learning to help you evolve into an Exceptional, Empowered, and Expressed Yoga Teacher you were born to be.

The Yogi's Journey is a 30-Hour certified programs that explores the deeper dimensions of Yoga through exploring the the Yoga of Sound, the Yoga of Business, and the Yoga of Teaching to help you deepen your practice, develop more confidence on and off the mat, and Find your Voice as a Yoga teacher and Spiritual leader.

You'll get to to create more peace, joy and ease within your self and within your relationship to others and the world around you.

You'll get to:

Deepen your Practice On & Off the Mat

Improve Your Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Wellbeing through regular sadhana, daily spiritual practice and guest expert classes and lectures

Align to your Dharma

Learn, Grow & Cultivate your Purpose

Create a Map to Your Dream Life.

Create powerful inner shifts to transform your life and teaching

through the exploration of Yogic Philosophy & Psychology

including topics such as Yamas & Niyamas, Chakras, Gods & Goddesses and applied practices of Yoga to help us navigate suffering to ultimate Freedom and Flow.

Share your Passion with Confidence

Find your Voice as a Teacher, Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Patterns that no longer serve + Shine your Light in Service to Evolution and Awakening

Get Feedback, Support & Accountability

Get all your Yoga-teaching questions answered

Get real-time authentic feedback on your teaching

Receive personalised tips on how to refine and improve your teaching to help you deliver quality and exceptional Yoga classes.

Connect with Community

Make lasting friendships and co-creations with incredible global Yogis and spiritual leaders.

This Journey is for you, if you're a:

  • Dedicated Yogi ready to dive deeper into your practice and study of Yoga

  •  Yoga Teacher Training Grad looking to build Confidence + Connect more deeply with my Dharma

  • Practicing Yoga Teacher and Eternal Student looking to Level-Up

This is our most exciting online offering yet! You get:

6 x 1.5 hour LIVE ZOOM Classroom Sessions

3 x 1:1 Yoga & Life Coaching support

Inspiring weekly Educational Learning Modules

Yoga, Meditation & Mantra Practices

Connection, Support, Accountability & Momentum.

and more!

Yoga is a spiritual technology aimed at the radical transformation of one's self and the world.

This training program is for Yogis, beginner and experienced, who are committed to going deeper with the studies and practices of Yoga. Core teachings & practices for the

Throughout our magical and transformational progression, we'll journey together in our ZOOM classroom through the wisdom and practices of Yoga.

This program is the perfect way to upgrade your Yogic knowledge and embodied wisdom, while connect with people like you.

This is an invitation to show up for yourself, to invest in your education, to stay inspired, to upgrade your knowledge and embodied wisdom, and to welcome community - sangha - support, accountability along your journey with Yoga and your spiritual growth.

YACEP Accreditation Available on Request.

What's Included:

The Basics

  • Highly Personalised 1:1 Flow Coaching Session & Practice Plan
  • 6 x Workshops & Explorations - LIVE on ZOOM (1.5 hours/ each) Recording available after.
  • Weekly Learning Modules - Lessons, Practice, & Homework
  • Guided Meditations and Mantra practices to help you clear negativity upgrade your being


  • Flow Lounge Membership- You will be added to this exclusive community of Pure Flow Yogis to share weekly tips and inspirations to keep you connected and in flow
  • Karma Yoga Buddy - to help foster connection, support and motivation throughout and beyond the course
  • Community Connection + Exclusive FB Group for Q&A and shared Inspiration
  • Workbooks, download-ables, 80+ page "Introduction to Yoga" manual
  • Ongoing Love & Support, Discipline and accountability


  • Ultimate New Yoga Teacher's Kit
  • FREE ACCESS to our Learn to Meditate Course
  • Sacred Sounds Kirtan (60 mins)
  • Curated Music Playlists, Dynamic & Yin Yoga, Ecstatic Dance Sets & more
  • YACEP Certification Available upon request for Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT)
  • Special Deals on all of our Courses, Retreats, Trainings & Coaching Packages

Learning Modules:

Each week's focus topic will include complimentary resources to awaken Body, Mind & Spirit.

Module 1: Deepen your Practice & the Yoga of Teaching

The Yogi's Journey

The Yogi's Journey and the 12 Steps of Spiritual Recovery

Living Yoga On & Off the Mat

Living the Yamas & Niyamas

Maps of Consciousness

Chakras, Koshas, Yoga Nidra

Module 2: Yoga of Sound

The Art of Devotion: Bhakti Flow

Exploring Gods & Goddess Archetype

Empower your Expression

Find your Voice & Gain confidence to Empower your Expression

Module 3: Yoga of Business

7 Keys to Kickstarting your Thriving Yoga business

About the Yogi's Journey

What you can expect from our 30-Hour Experience

1:1 Personalized Coaching

2 x 60 mins Clarity & Flow Sessions

Within this journey, you'll receive 3 x personalised sessions, at the beginning, middle and end.

  • Sankalpa: Clarify your Purpose
  • Path of Practice Accountability
  • Integration

Imagine having your very own personal Yoga teacher and coach coming to your house, and encouraging and you cheerleading you to keep you on track with your health and wellness goals. You'll get individualised guidance, resources and action plans / practice programs to help support YOU as an individual on your personal spiritual, mental, emotional. and physical journey

Workshops & Exploration

6 x 120 min Weekly Zoom Classroom

These sessions are an inviting blend of Yoga theme explorations, Embodied Yoga practice (Vinyasa, Yin And Hatha), Guided meditation, Journaling, Q&A, Discussion and Teaching Feedback.

Recordings will be available after the Session.


Inspiration & Learning

Workbook, Education & Resources

Lifetime Access

Every week, you'll receive theme related quotes, lessons and discussion points and Journal Prompts to help take you deeper.

Additionally you'll immediately receive:

  • 80+ page Introduction to Yoga manual
  • 60 min Kirtan practice so that you can sing-along and help Awaken your Voice

The Yogi's Journey is for you if:

  • Deepening your Practice through Continuing Education is importantt for you

  • Community connection, support, discipline and inspiration can help to support you to Show up and Ground in to a weekly practice of Yoga and spiritual practice

  • Feel ready to Awaken, Transform, Heal & Create positive change in your life through intention, presence, discipline and accountability

  • Want to cultivate confidence and inner-strength to be with, rather than run away from triggers and challenges

  • Releasing reactivity and instead being able to respond to life's challenges with presence and compassion rather than react from patterns, habits, or blocks that no longer serve is high on your to-do list

  • Desire deeper Connection to your inner wisdom through self-study and embodied practice

  • Want to Find your Voice, Express your Truth, Live Authentically, Vulnerably, Powerfully

What You'll Learn

Yoga and meditation, practice and study, song and dance, connections and depth.

What you'll learn and experience within this course has the power to expand your knowledge of Yoga and yourself, deepen your embodied wisdom, open your heart, shift your mindset, raise your vibration, enhance your experience of joy, and help you create and integrate the freedom, abundance and purpose you crave.

BUT ONLY if you're actually willing to show up and commit to doing the work.

Throughout this journey, we'll discuss, question, explore and learn about practices and elements for Freedom, from the philosophical maps of awakening to the wisdom of the chakras, subtle energy and beyond.

We'll connect to the power of sacred sound and work with intention and discipline to move beyond any perceived limitations we have about ourselves so that we can grow, evolve, mature, and expand.

Choose a Pricing Option


30-Hour Deepen your Flow | Training & Certification

6-Week Group Journey - YACEP


30-Hour Mentorship, Training & Certification

1-on-1 | 3 Month YACEP Journey


100-Hour Finding Flow Mentorship

1-on-1 |12 Months YACEP

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What People are Saying...

The most advanced and fulfilling Yoga I've ever done"

– Dave, USA

"I still find your practices the most enjoyable and fulfilling; you have really helped me discover the joys and benefits of yoga, across all dimensions. It’s become an intrinsic part of my life, and something I am thankful for every day"

- Omar, UK

"Truly Inspiring. This retreat has been a truly inspiring and transformational journey. I got rid of negative energy and learned a lot from the teacher’s uplifting words and practices. Every class was different and I learned so many new postures".

– Collin, Ireland

"Francie is an amazing person, inspiring angel, a gift from heaven to this earth to show you how much power you have on you! The retreats that she’s running are life changing!! It is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self, and you’ll be lucky to have the best guide throughout this journey".

- Begum, Turkey

Amazing experience and exceptional teacher. I went on a retreat with Francie at Pure Flow Yoga a year and a half ago. The place was magical. But mostly, she was really inspiring to me. I recently did a coaching session with her. It was really wonderful and empowering! Totally recommend Francie and Pure Flow Yoga!"

- Elyssa, Lebanon

Read more testimonials here.

About your Guide:

Francie La Flow

Yogi, Musician, Entrepreneur, Creative. Community Activator. Event Producer. Multi-Passionate, Free-spirited Lover of Life. Gypsy Soul and founder of the award-winning Pure Flow Yoga School in Thailand, voted one of the top 8 Retreats worldwide by the Guardian, 2018, .

Francie had her first real taste of the infinite and blissful benefits of having a meditation practice, in 2005 when she attended her first silent meditation retreat in India. Since then, Francie has and continues to dedicate herself to learning and practicing. She spends a minimum of one-week in silence and contemplation every year, and has studied with Master teachers world-wide. She still considers herself a beginner.

She is dedicated to being in service and to living an exceptional life of Community, Co-Creation, Celebration and Flow.

Her mission is to inspire and uplift people to live aligned, balanced, connected, practice-full, prayer-full, transformed, playful, open and happy lives.

Francie shares her love of music, dance, flow, and the Wisdom Traditions through her Inspiring, Playful, Award-Winning & Life-Changing Retreats, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Transformational Festival Experiences, Cacao Ceremony, Kirtan, Singing Circles, Sound Healing, Music Performance & Workshops.

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