Welcome to this Morning Ritual Practice Kit: Simple Practices to Awaken your Body, Mind & Heart.

Designed to support, inspire and empower dedicated Yogis like yourself to create a consistent, fulfilling and deepening daily Yoga Practice..



How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of the day - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

A deliberate and intentional morning routine that aligns with your values and dreams can be one of the greatest tools for self-mastery, calm, clarity and confidence in your life.

The key to creating a morning ritual and routine that you’ll actually stick to, is to find what works best for you and then continue to do that consistently.

In this Rise & Shine Practice Bundle, we connect to the strong and humble warrior energies to cultivate core and leg awareness and strength, and joyfully work out all of the kinks and tightness from our bodies.

You'll feel energised, strong, clear and empowered and have amazing sense of lightness and joy, and you'll be ready to flow through the rest of your day with ease.

Showing up to a daily practice of Yoga has scientifically been proven to help you feel less stressed, more present and positive, and feeling open and strong in your body, mind and spirit.

Within this awesome Morning Ritual Bundle, you’ll receive:

  • 🙏Meditation to Ground, Center, Balance and Energise, to help you unwind the mind, de-stress and cultivate more inner kindness and compassion

  • 🧘‍♀️ 2 x 30 min High Quality Vinyasa Flow Yoga Infusions to help you open your body, release tension and build energy and strength to keep you inspired, strong, balanced and free

  • 📚 Off the Mat Workbook - 40 + Journal prompts for Self-Study, Self-Love + Self Inquiry, to help you feel more balanced, peaceful and connected

  • 🌸8 Keys to Creating a Morning Practice You’ll Stick to

PLUS! You get a whole Bunch of Awesome Extras!

  • +Ultimate Guide for Beginners E-Book & 5-Part Video Practice Series

  • 🕯 Altared Space: How to create a Sacred Space for Practice

  • 🙏Gratitude: Fill-able Daily Gratitude Workbook

  • ✅ Checklist: Morning Ritual Checklist which you can Customise

  • 🎶 Music - Rise & Shine - Magic of Yoga Music Playlist

and if you want some LIVE 1:1 Feedback & Accountability we can help you out there too!

The Magic of Personal Practice

Having a Personal Practice is awesome because you:

  • You can go at your own pace
  • Learn to listen and respond to your own body
  • Focus on YOUR body, and your individual needs and desires
  • Have the freedom to explore and play
  • Can explore different ways to expand, to open, play your edge, to breathe into a specific challenge

Establishing a regular independent personal practice is a rite of passage for most practicing Yogis.

Whether you're a new Yogi, or a regular practitioner, the dedication and discipline of continually showing up to your practice will help you live a more peaceful, clear, balanced and love-filled life.

In this way, Yoga can be a gateway to realising your true self.

When you come to this place, you are bridging the inspirations and lessons you have received and integrated from more formal classes and fuse it with your own personal curiosities, playfulness, edges, and the freedom to explore.

Plus you get the confidence to create a practice that serves you as an individual to cultivate more strength, balance, and flexibility in body, mind and soul.

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Morning Ritual to Up-Level your Life

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