Welcome to this Espresso Shot

of Self-Love, Practice & Reset for your Body, Mind & Soul 

Yoga, Meditation, Education, Transformation, Community,

…all from the comfort of your own home!

All-Levels Welcome


 2 Live Zoom Classrooms | 1:1 Personal Check-in | 9 hour Course 

Reset, Renew and take a Purposeful Pause with this unique and holistic Virtual Retreat designed with Love

to help you Unwind, Feel Energised, Rejuvenated & Nourished

as we Stretch your Body, Awaken your Mind, Open your Heart..

When you Register, You Get:

+ Exclusive Access to over 5+ hours of Professionally-Recorded Classes, Workshops, & Learning Resources & Downloads

+ 2 LIVE Classroom & Integration Sessions and Replays to keep you inspired, supported, on-practice and in-connection

+ 1:1 Personal Session to help you Get Clear, Support your individual practice & integration


Are you feeling that you're:

  • Hankering for some "Me-Time"
  • Wanting to gift yourself or your loved ones Self-Love & Spiritual Growth
  • Having Self-care and Getting back in the your body is on the to-do list
  • Feeling it's time to rise up to your potential with support, guidance and community connection
  • Looking to Kickstart or Re-Inspire your Yoga practice
  • Wanting effective strategies to cope with all the changes happening in your life and in the worlds at large
  • Feeling a bit out of whack in your body, mind or heart and ready for more calm and clarity
  • Ready to welcome positive shifts in your mindset and your life,
  • Ripe for a healthier and more balanced way of Being

If you answered "Yes" to 3+ of the above, then this retreat is for YOU!

Let's face it, this has been a tough year - if not for you directly, then for many of your friends, family and loved ones. Everyone is being effected in some way, shape or form.

We're being called out of comfort zones and invited into the great mystery of life in a whole new way. Some of us have lost our work as we know it, some of us have lost loved one. Relationships are shifting with new pressures, and what we've expected and counted on up until now - the ground many of us stand on - has been fully shaken. The future can feel sometimes dauntingly uncertain.

Many of us are asking ourselves how to survive, how to thrive, how to find balance and connection, how to overcome stress and overwhelm, how to BE in relation to what this completely new moment that.

Ready to Say YES?

Let's do this!

Your Retreat Includes:

Spirituality & Embodiment

Meditation & Pranayama Lessons – 3 x 10 min sessions

Inspiring Yoga Classes – 3 x 60 mins Hatha Slow Flow Dynamic Vinyasa Flow & Self-Love Yin

Mantra & Singing Meditation - 3 x Mantra to help you release negative thoughts and raise your vibration

Live & Personal

Personalised Attention, Feedback & Support

Personal 1:1 Coaching Session - 1 x 15 mins

Group Live Sessions - 2 x 90 minute

Daily Love & Accountability

Inspiring & Educational
Learning Resources

Self-Study Reflection & Journal Writing questions

Self-Care & Home Practice Toolkit

Course downloads+ PDF workbook with 60+ Journal Questions

Flow Inspirations - Playlists, Readings & More

*Retreat Bonuses*

  • Virtual Retreat Journal Workbook with 60+ Self-Inquiry Prompts
  • Access to Exclusive Retreat Community WhatsApp Love & Accountability + Karma Buddy
  • Sacred Sounds Kirtan with Francie & Jonny Rose –1 x 60 min
  • Curated Yoga & Ecstatic Dance Music Playlists
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Post-Retreat Support & Integration
  • Enjoy 15% off our Flowosophy 1:1 Private and Group Coaching Programs to Stay supported and on practice
  • Exclusive Discounts with SanctuaryWellness.Live & our Yoga Pants Partner "Gypsy Amazon"

Retreat Schedule

Relax. Take your time! This retreat is flexible while still being supportive.

Live Classroom

Our 2 Group Sessions are 1.5-2 hours each.

Our time together will include Yoga & Meditation practices, Workshop & Concept Explorations, Journaling, Q & A

Recordings will be made available after.

Please note, if there are less than 3 sign-ups for the group retreat experience, you will receive 1 x 1:1 Zoom Session instead.

Virtual Practices

Ideally, we suggest you dedicate 1-3 hours / day on the retreat: E.g.

Yoga Asana - 60 mins+

Pranayama & Meditation - 10 - 20 mins +

Mantra Singing - 5 - 10 mins +

Journaling & Self-Inquiry - 10-30 mins +

Love & Accountability

This is our daily group text check-in and Q&A, to help foster community, accountability and inspiration for the journey.

***Please Note: You are welcome to enjoy the recorded and downloadable practices and sessions at your own Pace, however, we do find increased levels of accountability when we stay on course with one another in community.

ZOOM Classroom


There are 2 Time Zone Options for our Global Family.

Group 1 - Love who are You Are

CEST 9-10:30am | Bangkok 3pm - 4:30pm | Melbourne 7 - 8:30pm | London 8 - 9:30am | UAE 12 pm

Group 2 - No place like Om

EST 9-10:30am | Vancouver/San Francisco 6-7:30am | CEST 3-4:30pm | London 2 -3:30pm | Dubai 6-7:30 pm | Bangkok 9-10:30pm

Please note, if there are less than 3 sign-ups for a given time as listed above, you will receive 1 x 1:1 Zoom Session instead at a time that we will arrange together.

What You'll Learn:

It's time to create a healthy and conscious spiritual practice that works for you during these unique times we're living in.

*How to use breath and meditation to feel more centred, clear and present

*Empowering Yoga and Self-Care practices to relieve stress and overwhelm, and help you cultivate balance, resilience, strength, flow

*Simple Techniques to develop mastery over your emotions, cultivate inner calm, release trauma, and balance your energy

*Transformational tools to help you navigate transitions, overcome resistance, cultivate resilience and embrace change with more grace and ease

*Strategy for creating a Sacred Space and a Rhythm of Practice that works for You wherever your are

*Mantra & meditation to help raise your vibration and release negative thought patterns

Who is this Retreat for?

  • This Yoga Retreat is designed for beginner through intermediate Yoga practitioners
  • It is perfect for Yoga students and teachers with a foundational experience of Yoga who want to HIT RESET, refresh and re-commit to your practice- * Please note - This retreat is designed to be accessible for all-levels but is NOT appropriate for complete new to Yoga.
  • Evolving beings with humble hearts and beginner's minds who are ready to deepen your practice, and up-level your living embodied wisdom
  • Curious seekers & dedicated students of life, who are open to inspiration, discipline and community connection, and desire spiritual growth, joy and freedom

Course Requirements:

  • General level of fitness to participate in dynamic group classes
  • Willingness to start where you're at and commit to a journey of awakening - which means showing up and doing the work, even when it feels uncomfortable
  • Recognition that how you show up for yourself and your practices has a direct impact on your life, work, relationships, confidence, self-love and willingness to fully show up
  • Desire to include Yoga and meditation as part of your spiritual and self-care practice

Benefits include:

  • Physical & Inner soul alignment
  • Enhanced quality of physical life and conscious awareness
  • Increased positivity and gratitude
  • Clarity of thought, creativity
  • Overall improvement in health & wellness
  • Stress reduction & Improved sleep
  • Fresh perspective on life & increased energy and vitality
  • Tools to help your recognise harmful behaviour and thought patterns and transform.

Choose a Pricing Option


3-Day Live Virtual Group Retreat Experience

30 days Access


VIP Retreat - Group Retreat + 1 Private Session

60 days Access

This package includes the group retreat, a personalised Clarity & Intention Session plus a Full 60 minute Yoga, Transformation & Integration Session


Super VIP Retreat - Group Retreat + 3 Private Sessions

Forever Access

Why Join a Virtual Retreat with Francie?

This unique retreat, guided by acclaimed Pure Flow Yoga Founder Francie Fishman, is an invitation to practice, to learn and grow, and to explore the New Now in a conscious, loving and supported way.

Retreats are simply the best way to truly immerse oneself in Yogic Philosophy and Lifestyle.

Francie has been providing weekly year-round yoga retreats, more than 175+ retreat, around the world for more than 8 years. As a school, we’ve won awards, we’ve made dreams come true, and we’ve provided hundreds of people just like you with blissful, once-in-a-lifetime yoga retreats in paradise.

Now, we are bringing our love and enthusiasm for intimate yoga experiences to YOU.

Learn more about Francie

What our Students are Saying:

"Truly life transforming"

This was truly a life transforming retreat for me. Which I didn't expect to be honest! I feel so honoured and blessed! Not only did my yoga practice progress more than I could have hoped, my own personal journey through their guided meditation and teachings was immense. I feel reborn, rejuvenated, grateful, blessed and happy. Thank you. I highly recommend this retreat for anyone, regardless of level or what you are looking for. Sometimes it's the things you don't realise you are looking for which surprise and change you the most. Love to you all and see you next time ❤ xx

Jodie BurtonMelbourne, Australia

"Best retreat I've ever done"

"This has been the best retreat that I've ever done! Francie is so Good, if you are Yogi or not she can guide you through the practice Of asanas and meditation with love and passion! I will go again for sure!

Danilo, T. Digital Marketer, Italy

"The BEST. Life changing. Heart opening. Emotionally fulfilling. "

"The BEST. Life changing. Heart opening. Emotionally fulfilling. Love gaining. Life sharing."

Alley HuntrDance Teacher, UK

YACEP Continuing Education Credit

available for this course upon request.

This course is eligible as a YACEP Accredited Course

9 YACEP Continuing Education Credits available to Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) upon request

Limited Spaces Available. Don't Miss Out. Register Now and Save your Place!

Whether you are new to Yoga, or already an experienced practitioner, this experience will deepen your practice and help calm your heart, ease your mind and find your flow.

Knowing how to be happy and at ease, and cultivating the ability to do so, especially in today's ever-changing and seemingly unpredictable world, is possible through dedicated, deliberate, heart-centred intentional practices of opening the mind, body and heart.

One of the most important self-care practices that we can do for ourselves is: Time OUT for Time IN.

Taking time for yourself to let go of distraction, busyness, worry, stress, responsibility, habits that don't serve, social media, addiction.

Ancient traditions and modern mystics and practitioners alike attest to the power of practice, of seeking wisdom and truth, and cultivating mastery of self.